Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mrs O

Mrs O is certainly working it. For me, she embodied modern elegance. She's smart, chic and fashionable, but never a slave to what she wears. Here is one of my favourite recent images of her. l love the colours in this photograph.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

I am love

This weekend, I dragged the Doctor and Plus One along to the movies. Plus One is the name I'm giving one of my closest friends, (she understands all about the dream elegant life).. I'm a great movie fan, I love them. I love the escapism they provide. While we were waiting for the film to start, I was reading the cinema free magazine, when I read about a movie which shone from the page like a glamrous chic beacon of the dream elegant life. I am desperate to see "I am Love", an Italian language film with Tilda Swinton. She plays the matriarch of a Milanese family, who has a passionate affair with a young man who is a friend of her sons. Now, I know that on the surface this sounds like the big screen version of a mills and boon, but the images of Tilda and the Italian countryside spoke to me. Even as I'm sitting having lunch at work on a particularly dull Thursday, I'm fantasing about the golden haze of the Italian country, and I can barely contain my excitement as I'll be travelling to Milan in several weeks time. Visiting a location I've seen I the movies is so exciting to me. Last year I travelled with the Doctor to Rome and dragged him around the many sights of the eternal city. From the Spanish steps in The Talented Mr Ripley to the spectacle of the colossium, by simply seeing these places for myself makes me feel a little bit closer to the

dream elegant life.

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

I am always on the lookout for images or things that speak to my need to find "My Elegant Dream Life", and when myself and the Doctor went to Rome last year I could hardly contain my excitement. I've always had an interest in Italian style and for me nothing sums that style up like a Fiat 500. Everywhere I looked in Rome, my eye was drawn to a 500, and it was too easy to imagine myself dashing around the city, high on
espresso. Here is a couple of these beauties that shone like the bright
Roman sun.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Spring Photo, cheers me up. Actual photo by The Doctor.

Julianne Moore in this picture looks perfect. I still haven't seen "A Single Man", but she looks fabulous. She's working a slightly drunk Sixties-esque Drama Queen, cigarette in hand and great cushions.
Here's the Drawing Room from the apartment in " The Nanny Diaries". I love it. Definately part of My Dream Elegant Life.
Here are another two images which I love. They are taken from "The Nanny Diaries" 2007. OK, now I'm not saying that the film is the greatest, but I lost it when I saw Mrs X. She was fantastic. For anyone who hasn't seen the film, she's the ice maiden from hell who recruits Scarlett Johansson. Never mind the story, but look at the sets. I love them. The furniture, accessories and settings are perfect. The Doctor was almost demented by this film, and by my constant tweeking of The Apartment to make it into the Central Park Style Fortress you see. No mean feat in our flat. It's still a work in progress.